Las Vegas Sun
November 12, 2002

TV Viewers Catch Glimpse of Castro

                By TAL ABBADY
                ASSOCIATED PRESS

                MIAMI- Television viewers caught a rare glimpse of
                Cuban leader Fidel Castro in the comforts of his family

                Miami-based WLTV 23, an Univision affiliate,
                obtained a home video shot by Castro's children and
                smuggled into the United States by a friend of Dashiell
                Torralba, former girlfriend of Antonio Castro Soto del
                Valle, a Cuban orthopedic surgeon and one of
                Castro's five children with Dalia Soto del Valle.

                In a brief interview with WLTV reporter Mario Vallejo,
                Torralba said her decision to expose the family's
                intimate home life "could be a way to communicate to
                Dalia all the damage she'd done to me."

                Torralba's two-year relationship with Antonio Castro
                ended abruptly after the direct intervention of Soto del

                Among topics to be discussed throughout the video's
                airing over the next several days will be Castro family
                members' involvement in the lucrative sale of visas, of
                which Torralba claims to have evidence.

                The grainy home video reveals a spacious family
                home with children and adults frolicking in an
                expansive garden and clad in sporty outfits. A young
                man is seen riding a motorized scooter down a long
                outdoor red-brick pathway at one point.

                Castro only appears briefly in the first segment of
                video, seated at the end of a long dining table eating a
                meal, clad in a casual red shirt.

                WLTV 23 will air the entire video in brief segments
                over the next 10 days.