The Miami Herald
Thu, Apr. 22, 2004

Other Hijack Cases

April 2003: Adermis Wilson Gonzalez, armed with fake hand grenades, hijacks a Cubana Airlines plane to Key West after it's refueled in Havana. He is convicted of air piracy and receives 20 years in prison -- the minimum-mandatory term for air piracy.

  November 2002: Cuban national Nemecio Carlos Alonso Guerra flies seven relatives to Key West after stealing the biplane he flew in Cuba. All were released in the United States.

August 1996: Three Cubans use a nail file to commandeer a small commercial plane, crashing in the Gulf of Mexico off Fort Myers. Leonardo Reyes Ramirez, Adel Regalado Ulloa and Jose Bello Puente are acquitted of air piracy by a Tampa jury and later granted asylum.

July 1996: Palestinian Saad'o Mohammed Ibrahim Intissar uses a fake bomb and a crudely fashioned knife to commandeer an Iberia Airlines Madrid-to-Havana flight to Miami. He says he didn't want to go to Cuba for terrorist training. He is convicted of air piracy and receives 20 years.

July 1996: Cuban Interior Ministry Lt. Col. Jose Fernandez Pupo hijacks a commuter plane at gunpoint to the U.S. naval base at Guantánamo Bay. He is acquitted of air piracy by a federal jury in Washington, but is later denied asylum because he used guns in the hijacking.

May 1994: A Cuban commercial airliner bound for Nassau is diverted to Miami International Airport by its pilot, Basilio Garcia Breto. He is not charged.

December 1992: Pilot Carlos Cancio Porcel seizes his AeroCaribe Airlines turboprop on a flight from Havana to Varadero, Cuba, and flies to Miami. After a lengthy investigation, the Justice Department decides not to prosecute him.