The Miami Herald

October 11,1983, p. 13

Sources: Mexico ousted Cubans


MEXICO CITY - (AP) - Mexican security agents arrested and expelled two Cuban diplomats last month after allegedly catching them with a bomb at a Mexico City bus station, sources said Monday.

Two Cuban exiles with American citizenship also were deported to the United States in connection with the incident, an Interior Ministry official said. The Interior Ministry supervises matters related to state security.

The official, who insisted on anonymity, said all four men were captured Sept. 1 at Mexico City's northern bus terminal, where an exchange of some kind was taking place, the official said.

He said the two Cuban diplomats had a bomb when agents of the Federal Security Directorate captured them.

It was the first expulsion of Cuban diplomats from Mexico. But the official maintained that the incident did not change Mexico's traditionally solid relations with the Communist nation.

He identified the Cubans as Jose Ramon Perez Ayala, 30, and Arturo Guzman Nolasco, 27. Perez had been attached to the Cuban Embassy as a commercial attache for two years, and Guzman arrived just three days before the incident, he said.

He did not disclose the identities of the exiles. Efforts to obtain their names from other sources were unsuccessful.

He said he did not know why the Cubans had a bomb. He speculated that the incident might have been related to contacts between Cubans living in Mexico and Cuban government agents infiltrated into the Cuban community in the United States - or to rightist Mexican opposition to the Mexico's close ties to Cuba.