The Miami Herald
February 20, 1985, page 3D

Businessman's appeal rejected

The final appeal of Miami businessman Fernando Fuentes-Coba, convicted two years ago of "conspiring to trade with the enemy" because he flew illegal cargo to Cuba, was turned down Tuesday by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Without comment, the court refused to overturn the one-year sentence and $10,000 fine imposed on Fuentes-Coba by U.S. District Judge James Kehoe in December 1982. Fuentes-Coba, 55, has been free on $100,000 bond during the course of his appeals.

Neither Fuentes-Coba nor his trial lawyer, James McMaster, could be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon.

Fuentes-Coba was convicted of conspiring with three Cuban nationals to fly communications equipment, airplane parts, Pepsi-Cola machines and duffel bags full of quarters to Cuba aboard his American Airways Charter flights, in violation of a two-decade embargo on trade with the Communist nation.

Fuentes-Coba had insisted that the cargo was used or his charter operation, which carried tourist to Cuba after President Jimmy Carter lifted travel restrictions to that country. American Airways Charters was closed down in 1982 before Fuentes-Coba's trial.