Miami Herald

September 28, 1971

Castro Fishing Fleet Used in Subvesion


By Don Bohning

A former high ranking official in the Castro government detailed before a U.S. Senate subcommittee in Miami Monday how Cuba uses its fishing fleet for hemisphere subversion.

Roman Gonzalez-Pardo, who until late 1965 had been director of special plans for Cuba's fishing industry and Prime Minister Fidel Castro's personal representative in the island's Department of Fisheries, arrived in Miami from Mexico last June.

In his public appearance before the Senate Internal Security subcommittee, chaired by Sen. Edward Gurney (R. Fla.) in the absence of subcommittee chairman James Eastland (D., La.), Gonzalez-Pardo testified that:

Gonzalez-Pardo fled Cuba by small boat in May of this year, landing near Puero Morelos on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

After entering the United States illegally from Mexico in June, he created somewhat of a credibility gap in his testimony by telling U.S. Immigration when he arrived that he had crossed the Rio Grande River on a raft: telling the subcommittee early in the hearing Monday that he had waded across the river; and finally conceding, under intense questioning by subcommittee general counsel Jay Sourwine that he had crossed the border in a car after giving a $250 bribe to a Mexican official for false identification.