Paul Benavides of Mambi Watch Gets Hysterical After Being Unmasked

After recently being unmasked, former anonymous Mambi Watch blogger Paul Benavides, a 27-year-old Peruvian immigrant, responded with a hysterical e-mail bordering on paranoia and containing a veiled threat:

“Paul Benavides <>
Sep 24, 2007
Mr. De la Cova,
Please explain why you believe you have the right to publish my personal history, especially one that was provided by a personal e-mail exchange.  If you do not respond I will certainly call you soon, and even seek other options (such as through Indiana University) to get an answer.  Your actions are very shocking and surely unethical.  I hope to hear from you soon.”

His mental stability is obviously questionable. Benavides is an undergraduate student who craves attention and has sent letters to the editor of the FIU newspaper.
Therefore, public figures have no right to privacy under the law.

His Mambi Watch blog that daily monitors the Cuban exile TV, radio, and print media, operates in a manner similar to that of Cuban spies, according to evidence in the Federal trial of the Avispa espionage network in Miami. Benavides has not dispelled suspicions that he could be linked to Cuban intelligence or that others are not behind this assiduous monitoring effort. He continues to blog anonymously, after being exposed and permanently identified on the Internet, raising questions about who or what drives this operation.

Now that Benavides has admitted his identity and his address and phone number are known, I will not respond further to his obsessive compulsive behavior. He is now on notice that any further telephone calls, e-mails, or communication from him to me or those I work for will be reported to the authorities as a stalker complaint.

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