The Miami Herald
Sat, Mar. 06, 2004

Ex-president of Ecuador

QUITO - (EFE) -- Former Ecuadorian President Carlos Julio Arosemena died Friday in Guayaquil, relatives said. He was 84.

According to statements by family members to Teleamazonas television, Arosemena passed away at his home after suffering cardio-respiratory failure.

Carlos Julio Arosemena Monroy was vice president in November 1961 when Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra was forced from office by the military early in his fourth term as president of Ecuador.

Arosemena served as chief executive until July 11, 1963, when he was in turn removed from office in a military coup.

Arosemena, a lawyer by profession, had four terms in the legislature.

The former president also served as defense minister and president of Congress, as well as taking part in a constitutional convention in 1966-1967.