The Miami Herald
October 11, 1998
Dominican toll from hurricane rises to 283 dead

             SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- (AP) -- Dominican officials have
             raised the number of confirmed deaths from Hurricane Georges to 283, but
             criticized Senate claims that many more died.

             The number of confirmed dead in the Dominican Republic had been reported at
             267. The increase announced Friday brings the storm's death toll in the Caribbean
             to at least 446.

             Officials in neighboring Haiti have confirmed 150 deaths.

             The government on Friday attacked a Senate report that claimed deaths in the
             southern province of San Juan de la Maguana numbered ``no fewer than 1,000.''
             Vice President Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal called the report politically
             motivated, since the Senate is controlled by the opposition Dominican
             Revolutionary Party.

             Fernandez Mirabal said damage from last month's hurricane amounted to at least
             $700 million. About 100,000 Dominicans remain in shelters. Electricity and water
             service remain out in most of the country.


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