José Dionisio Suárez Esquivel

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With envelope in shirt pocket, next to Commandant Huber Matos
In an expropriated Navy jeep, with his girlfriend and mother

In center, presiding a revolutionary tribunal

Dionisio (left) imprisoned with Huber Matos' staff in El Morro
       Dionisio (lower left) imprisoned with Huber Matos' staff in El Morro

Wedding of Capt. Raul Varandela (with beard).

    Suárez, Enrique Núñez, and Costa Rican President José
    Figueres at Irazú, 1972.

Attorney Dario Diaz, left, opens the door for Jose Dionisio Suarez Esquivel, 62, as Suarez is released from the INS jail in Bradenton, Aug. 14, 2001. Suarez was paroled in 1997 but held in a federal prison while awaiting deportation. However, the U.S. Supreme Court in June ruled that indefinite detentions were unconstitutional.

La Bandera de la Dignidad (El Caiman, New Jersey, enero 1975)
Miami Police Department investigation, Oct. 9, 1979
Conspirator in '76 Letelier Assassination Released (Washington Post, Aug. 16, 2001)
INS frees 2nd Cuban exile convicted in fatal 1976 D.C. bombing (Naples Daily News, Aug. 16, 2001)