Granma International
September 20, 2004

Anti-Bush protest in Miami

BY MAX LESNICK -Special for Granma daily-

MIAMI.- As previously announced, last Saturday morning a well-attended and peaceful civic demonstration took place to protest against the cruel measures adopted by President Bush’s Republican administration to prohibit Cubans resident in the United States from visiting the island in order to see their families.

The demonstration was convened by the Association of Christian Mothers in Defense of the Family with the support of the Alianza Martiana and the organizations that make up this group: the Antonio Maceo Brigade, the Alianza de Trabajadores de la Communidad (ATC), the Círculos Bolivarianos and the Coalition against the Embargo of Cuba.

More than 200 Cuban demonstrators, carrying anti-Bush placards, congregated at the shopping mall on 16th Avenue and 54th St. in West Hialeah, just a few meters away from the U.S. president’s electoral campaign offices. Miami news channels showed coverage of the event, as well as the enthusiastic support shown by motorists passing by the mall where the protest against Bush’s measures -designed to attack the rights of the Cuban family - was taking place.