December 28, 2000

On Latin America's April Fool's Day, newspapers play the fool

                  MEXICO CITY, Mexico (AP) -- Mexico's national symbol -- an eagle with a
                  snake its beak -- has been sold off to Kentucky Fried Chicken to be fried up
                  crunchy-style, a Mexican newspaper reported Thursday in a traditional holiday

                  Thursday, the Day of the Innocents -- Latin America's version of April Fool's
                  Day -- gives newspapers like Mexico City's La Jornada an opportunity to run
                  joke headlines that satirize things like President Vicente Fox's perceived
                  pro-Americanism and zeal for privatizations.

                  The daily Reforma, one of Mexico's most respected newspapers, ran headlines
                  saying Mexico's Olympic gold medal-winning female weightlifter, Soraya
                  Jimenez, will become a model for Victoria's Secret lingerie.

                  Jimenez is known more for her athletic prowess than for her figure.

                  Playing on the recent eruption of the Popocatepetl volcano, 40 miles (60 kms)
                  outside Mexico City, Reforma also reported that two new volcanos had been
                  born within city limits, forcing officials to plan the relocation of the megalopolis'
                  18 million residents.

                  The La Prensa newspaper reported that Fox will marry his spokeswoman,
                  Martha Sahagun, on Valentine's Day. Speculation on the relationship between the
                  two has run rife, but Fox, a divorcee, has played down reports of wedding

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