The Cuban Revolution
Rebel Leaders

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    Fidel Castro displays a religious medal on
    his chest. With brother Raul (left) and Camilo
    Cienfuegos in 1957.
         Fidel Castro with telescopic rifle.


    Raúl Chibás (left), Enrique Pazos (center), Dr. Julio Martínez
    Paez (back) and Fidel Castro.
      Luis Orlando Rodríguez and José
      Pardo Llada in the Sierra Maestra.

       President Urrutia with rebel leaders Che Guevara and Camilo 
       Cienfuegos (right).
    Humberto Sorí Marín (center)
    and his aides Capt. Ciro del
    Rio and Lt. Quintin Viltres.