The New York Times
October 15, 1958, 26

Threat By Castro on Vote Explained

Special to The New York Times.

HAVANA, Oct. 14-All candidates in the elections scheduled for Nov. 3 will be disqualified for elective or appointive government posts during the next thirty years, Fidel Castro, the rebel leader, has declared, according to the rebel radio heard in Havana last night.

This measure is part of "law No. 2" of the so-called revolutionary government issued by Señor Castro from his stronghold in the Sierra Maestra of Oriente Province, which he calls "free Cuban territory."

This measure provides that candidates may escape this penalty if they leave Cuba before Oct. 30 and announce their withdrawal either in the foreign press or to the rebel radio.

Politicians who pick up voting permits from the public for the purpose of falsifying elections will be court-martialed and shot, Señor Castro said. Politicians campaigning in rebel territory who are captured by the rebels will be subject to penalties of from ten years' imprisonment to death.

The "law" was signed by Señor Castro and by Dr. Humberto Sóri Marin as judge advocate general of the rebel army.

It is reported that Señor Castro has issued orders to his insurgents and to groups of youthful militia throughout the island to prevent the Nov. 3 elections at any cost.