Cuban Rafters (1964-1979)

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      Coast Guardsman in helicopter assists one of 13 rescued from a boat and car trailer. Sept. 30, 1966.      Sailboat crowded with refugees, 1963.

     Overloaded craft spotted from the air by U.S. Coast Guard, who
     rescued all on board. Sept. 30, 1966.
      Coast Guardsmen test two-man kayak that made the trip, Sept.
      30, 1966.

     Homemade 42-inch rowboat
     brought from Matanzas Laureano
     Refollo, 47, Mirta Sosa, her
     daughter Ismari, Orlando Gonzalez
     14, and four others from Matanzas.
     Sept. 27, 1966.
     On just innertubes and planks some arrived
     in Florida. Sept. 30, 1966.