February 4, 2002

Cuban enters Guinness Book of world records with longest cigar

                   Cuban José Castelar Cairo, Friday, was officially recorded in the
                   Guinness Book of World Records for the longest ever hand-rolled
                   Havana cigar. Cairo, a cigar roller from Havana, received the
                   recognition for his 11-meter long cigar.

                   Accepting the Guinness World Record certificate for his unique
                   product, the smiling and now famous cigar roller told RHC that he
                   was surprised when the British Embassy in Havana called him to tell
                   him of the distinction.

                   "I wasn't expecting it," said 53-year old Cairo, adding he had not
                   made the cigar to compete with anyone. Cairo explained that hand
                   rolling the 11-meter long cigar had taken him nine days and enough
                   tobacco leaves to have produced some 1,200 gran coronas,
                   presently the largest of all Havana cigars.

                   The Havana cigar roller said he expected his Guinness World Record
                   cigar to attract visitors and buyers to his Morro Castle cigar, rum,
                   and coffee shop. He predicted that other Cubans would now see him
                   as an example and would work towards winning similar awards with
                   other products.

                   Cigar roller José Castelar Cairo received his official Guinness World
                   Record certificate from the British Ambassador in Cuba, Paul Hare,
                   for the longest cigar ever rolled during a ceremony Friday night at
                   Havana's Morro Castle. (RHC)