The Miami Herald
May. 21, 2003

Cuba honors naval leader

 From Herald Wire Services

  HAVANA - A Cuban vice admiral indicted in Miami on drug-running charges in the 1980s was buried with full military honors in Havana, officials announced Tuesday.

  Aldo Santamaría Cuadrado, head of the Cuban navy for two decades, was buried Monday in the Revolutionary Armed Forces Pantheon at Cristóbal Colón Cemetery here. He was 76.

  The ceremony was attended by high-ranking government officials, including Raúl Castro, Cuba's vice president and minister of defense. The cause of death was not made public.

  Portrayed as a revolutionary hero, Santamaría was among four top-level members of the Cuban government indicted in November 1982 by a federal grand jury in Miami on charges of conspiring to use Cuba as a safe haven in Colombia-to-Miami smuggling routes for Quaaludes and marijuana.

  Cuba denied the charges. The four officials were never tried in the United States because Cuba refused to extradite them.