Colombian Guerrilla Warfare

            Suspected FARC guerrillas detonated
              a collar bomb they attached to dairy
              farmer Elvia Cortes, age 55, on May
              16, 2000, after she refused to pay a
              $7,500 extorsion.
     Diego Turbay Cote, head of the congressional
     peace commission, was travelling to a political
      meeting when he and five others, including his
     mother, were forced to lie down and shot in the
     back of the head by the FARC, on Dec. 29, 2000.

The FARC destroyed the town of Granada. 
Mother and child flee FARC destruction in Granada.

Electrical towers destroyed by the FARC.
Ambulance crash, one killed, when FARC
dinamited the bridge.

FARC attacked the town of Espino with 68 explosive cylinders.
Soldiers count the dead after a FARC attack on the AUC
camp at Campamento, Antioquia, May 2002.

Plane shot down in Marquetalia.
General Mora shows President Pastrana
an explosive cylinder used by the FARC.