Guerrillas in Colombia
Peace Process 1999-2002


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Andrés Pastrana (center) Jojoy, Marulanda, and Reyes


Marulanda and Joaquin Gomez

     During the Caguán dialogue, Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega and FARC
     leaders Jorge Briceño, Manuel arulanda, Raul Reyes

Manuel "Tiro Fijo" Marulanda
President Andres Pastrana negotiating peace with Marulanda.

Marulanda and Jorge "Mono Jojoy" Briceño
Raul Reyes

Manuel "Tiro Fijo" Marulanda

Ricardo "Simon Trinidad" Palmera

Jorge "Mono Jojoy" Briceño

         Marulanda and Pastrana

 Raul Reyes & Pastrana
embrace after peace talks.
Raul Reyes


Priest reads the Bible
to a FARC guerrilla.

Briceño and Marulanda
Jorge Briceño at La Macarena.


Alfonso Cano


      IRA members detained in Colombia.
IRA men accused of training the FARC


Ingrid Betancourt, kidnapped by the FARC on Feb. 26, 2002.