Drug Trafficking
in Colombia

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Pablo Escobar gunned down by a Search Bloc team. Military destruction of a jungle drug lab. 

Soldier in occupied FARC poppy fields.
 FARC opium poppy field in Marquetalia.


Aerial fumigation of poppy fields
Aerial fumigation of poppy fields

     Colombian police, accompanied by a hooded informant,
     land in a coca field  in Cumbitara.
    A Colombian anti-narcotics officer
    examines coca base during a raid
    on cocaine labs.


Police seize six tons of cocaine in Caribbean port

Cocaine war waged in jungle
Colombia arrests man in New York reporter's murder
Colombia cites ecological damage from drug trade
Pledges of Extradition Accompany Colombian Drug Arrests

A Long Way From Coca to Coffee
Ambitious Antidrug Plan for Colombia Is Faltering
Cártel de Cali, gobierno y DEA contra Pablo Escobar
Clinton to Offer Aid in Colombia Drug War
Coca Conflict in Colombia Snares the Innocent
Colombia braces for assault on coca
Colombia expects peasants to fight cocaine-crop removal
Colombia needs anti-drug help, McCaffrey says
Colombia Rose to Dominate Drug Trade in a Decade
Colombia Says Key to Drug Fight Is for U.S. to Tame Demand
Colombia's war on drugs goes airborne
Colombia urges farmers: Drop drug crops for cattle, coffee, cotton
Cultivating New Allies in Cocaine War
DEA: Colombian cocaine production up
Deadly twists in Colombia drug case test U.S. relations
Did DEA informants swindle drug lords?
Drug War
Fungus Considered as a Tool to Kill Coca in Colombia
La DEA implicada en trato con terroristas
Los Pepes eran hijos de la avaricia de Escobar
Narcotics case angers Colombians
Radar gap helps Colombian drug smugglers
Ratcheting Up a Jungle War in Coca Fields
To Colombians, Drug War Is a Toxic Foe
U.S., Colombia to Confront Lucrative 'Peso Exchange'
U.S. Colonel To Plead Guilty In Colombia Drug Probe
U.S. Companies Tangled in Web of Drug Dollars
U.S. Officials Cite Trend in Colombia

Aerial Attack Killing More Than Coca
Cease aerial spraying, U.S. told
Coca Invades Colombia's Coffee Fields
Colombia Extradites Cartel Figure to Miami
Colombia, Mexico Link Drug Efforts
Colombian defense chief: U.S. civilian pilots run risks in drug war
Colombian drug cartel suspect lands in S. Florida
Colombia's High Court Approves Extradition of Former Drug Leader
El sendero millonario de la cocaína
European Market Expands for Colombian Cocaine
The Fugitive: An account of the search for the head of the Medellín drug cartel
In the War on Coca, Colombian Growers Simply Move Along
Mexico Warns of Colombia Drug War Spillover
Narcotics flights swarming Colombia
Narcotraficantes sondean rendirse a Washington
New Drug Plan Shifts Focus in Latin America
No Crops Spared in Colombia's Coca War
Poor Region's Governors in Colombia Unite to Oppose Drug Plan
Satellite survey: Coca crop bigger than estimates
Thriving heroin culture alarms Colombian, U.S. authorities
Troops launch blitz on Colombian coca
U.S.-Trained Force Girds for Battle in Colombia Drug War

Cocaine Trade Causes Rifts in Colombian War
Colombia Says It Cut Coca Crop
Colombia's Coca Up, U.S. Says
Drug baron goes free early
Fabio Ochoa Restrepo, drug family patriarch
In Colombia, Anti-Drug Plan Has Come a Cropper
New Hiding Place for Drug Profits: Insurance Policies
Report: U.S. should boost its anti-drug efforts in Colombia
Super-speedboats piloting Colombia's cocaine trade
U.S. blocks suspected kingpins' assets
U.S., Bogota to Resume Aerial Drug Interdiction
U.S. defends herbicide use to damage Colombian coca
U.S. Doubts Effects of Coca Plan
U.S. Is Stepping Up Drive to Destroy Coca in Colombia
U.S. Promotion of Legal Crops Fails to Stem Colombia's Coca
U.S. to resume tracking drug flights in Colombia

Cali Cartel still in 'drug kingpin' business, U.S. says
Colombia's coca growth down

Police launch crackdown against cocaine cartel
U.S. Announces Gains in Eradicating Andean Coca
Coca land diminishing, U.S. says
Colombia drops plan to fumigate drug crops
Racketeering Charges Against Colombians in Huge Cocaine Case
New possible threat in drug war
Colombian police assault cocaine labs
Colombia Plans to Extradite Drug Kingpin
Quietly, the war on drugs gains ground
Surge in Extradition of Colombia Drug Suspects to U.S.

2nd Cali chief sent to U.S.
Colombia police find cocaine sub
Anti-Drug Gains in Colombia Don't Reduce Flow to U.S.
4-ton cocaine cache seized in Bogotá