San Juan Star
October 23, 1986, page 7

Cuba's role as arms supplier denounced

WASHINGTON (AP)--Cuba played a key role in providing massive quantities of weapons discovered in Chile two months ago, the State Department said Wednesday.

"We consider very disturbing efforts by Cuba to internationalize political conflict within Chile, and to turn that country into a site for East-West struggle," State Department spokesman Charles Redman said.

He said the arms caches consisted of U.S. ordnance apparently left in Vietnam, including 3,351 M-16 rifles, nearly 2 million rounds of ammunition, and 167 anti-tank weapons as well as newer weapons of Soviet manufacture.

"The evidence we have gathered all points to Cuba as the regional supplier," Redman said. The weapons apparently were earmarked for leftist forces fighting to oust the country's 12-year-old military government.

Redman added that the United States is continuing to urge pragmatic approaches for bridging differences among democratic elements in Chile.