The Miami Herald
Nov. 11, 1975, page 5-B

Chile: Foiled Invasion By Argentines, Cubans

SANTIAGO, Chile -- (UPI) -- The Chilean government claimed Monday that it had detected and frustrated an invasion of Chile by more than 1,200 guerrillas from Cuba and Argentina.

Reports by the Chilean secret police, known as DINA, said that the invasion was to have been carried out Nov. 15 by 40 guerrillas trained in Cuba and 1,200 more from Argentina.

The government said 14 persons had been arrested in connection with the invasion, code named "Boomerang 1-2."

According to DINA, 40 persons, all identified, arrived in Panama from Cuba on flight 466 of the Cubana airlines. Four of them continued on to Lima on flight 977 of Braniff Airlines "to proceed to infiltrate Chile" from Peru.

The secret police said that security services had also discovered that 1,200 guerrillas were preparing to infiltrate Chile from the southern Argentine resort city of San Carlos de Bariloche.

The guerrillas "were to have used different means of transport, especially on horseback," to cross numerous Andes mountain passes in that region, DINA said.

The guerrillas were to have carried out attacks against top military authorities, including Gen. Augusto Pinochet, president of the governing junta, the DINA reports said.

The 1,200 guerrillas from Argentina included members of that country's People's Revolutionary Army, the DINA said.