January 6, 2001

Spy testifies; orders given to infiltrate
U.S. military installations


                  MIAMI (AP) -- An admitted spy testified in an espionage trial that he was given
                  orders from the Cuban government to penetrate U.S. military installations in

                  Joseph Santos said in court Friday that he and his wife received orders from
                  Gerardo Hernandez to gather information from the U.S. Southern Command,
                  which controls military operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. He said
                  they were largely unsuccessful but filed at least one report on the complex.

                  Hernandez and four other Cubans are on trial in Florida, accused of being
                  members of a Cuban spy ring that targeted military installations and infiltrated
                  anti-Fidel Castro exile groups.

                  Santos testified that a Cuban military intelligence document decoded by the FBI
                  contained comments made by Hernandez. He said he was introduced to
                  Hernandez in December 1998 and was told Hernandez would be his supervisor.

                  Hernandez faces a possible life sentence if convicted of charges including
                  murder conspiracy and espionage conspiracy.

                  Santos is serving a four-year prison sentence. He and his wife, Amarylis Silverio
                  Santos, pleaded guilty in February to espionage charges