The Miami Herald
April 8, 2004

Justice Minister Forced to Resign

WILLEMSTAD -- The Netherlands Antilles Parliament held a no-confidence vote early Wednesday that forced an embattled justice minister, Ben Komproe, from office after several parties accused him of giving special favors to a political donor convicted of corruption.

Prime Minister Mirna Louisa Godett also resigned late Tuesday, a day after her coalition collapsed. Four parties had withdrawn support for the government after Komproe ignored requests for his resignation.

Two other ministers also submitted their resignations to Gov. Frits Goedgedrag -- Communications Minister Richard Salas and Maurice Adriaens, the minister who represents this Dutch Caribbean territory in The Hague, Netherlands.

Since taking control of the government last year, the Workers Liberation Front has struggled to keep its coalition intact. The latest defections Monday reduced the coalition from 13 to just five of 22 seats in the Parliament.