The New York Times
AUG 29, 2001

Protests Precede Clinton in Brazil


Filed at 9:06 p.m. ET

SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) -- Police detained four protesters just before former President Clinton
arrived Wednesday for a sightseeing tour of the spectacular Iguacu Falls.

The four demonstrators -- teachers and union leaders -- planned to protest against the conservative
governor of Parana state, Jaime Lerner, who was waiting to receive Clinton, but they were arrested
about half an hour before the former president's plane landed.

Clinton, traveling with actor Anthony Hopkins, headed straight for the 270-foot falls that tumble into
the Iguacu River on the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

The falls, whose name means ``big water'' in the local Guarani Indian tongue, are one of Brazil's main
tourist attractions and are included on UNESCO's world heritage list.

During an official visit to Brazil in 1997, Clinton was supposed to visit the falls but canceled at the last
minute. Local media reported a lack of security in the national park.

Clinton was relaxed Wednesday, walking along riverside paths, taking snapshots of the falls and
feeding quatis, local racoon-like animals that are the Iguacu park's symbol.