The Miami Herald
Sept. 22, 1979, 2-B

Anti-Castro Leader Shot In the Head

Miami Herald Staff

 A former leader of the militant anti-Castro organization Alpha 66 was wounded in the head Friday.
Antonio Veciana was in good condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital with a small-caliber bullet imbedded just above his left ear.

 He was conscious upon arrival at Pan American Hospital, from which he later was transferred, said his wife, Sira Veciana.

 Veciana, who is a nonactive member of Alpha 66, served time in federal prison in Atlanta several years ago on drug charges.

 MIAMI POLICE said Veciana was turning a corner at NW 19th Street and 29th Avenue when a brown 1971 Buick station wagon pulled alongside him. Four shots were fired, police said, one striking Veciana near his left temple, the rest striking his car.

Police said they do not know how Veciana reached Pan American Hospital.

 Friends and family of Veciana theorized that the shooting was an attempt by agents of the Cuban government to kill him.

 "The only enemy my husband had in the world was Fidel Castro,"said Mrs. Veciana. "This must have been done by infiltrators living in Miami."

 Mrs. Veciana said her husband had received threats against his life by phone about eight months ago, but had received none recently. She said he usually followed the same route from his office to his home at 811 NW 30th Ct.

 Nazario Sargen, current head of Alpha 66, said Veciana had said at a press conference several months ago that the Cuban government planned to kill him.

 "THE FBI had told him that the attempt on his life was prepared, that it was a plan of the Cuban government, and that's exactly what he said at the conference," Sargen said.

 According to Sargen, Veciana planned an attempt against the life of Fidel Castro during the Cuban president's visit to Chile in 1971. But, Sargen said, the plot to put a gun inside a television camera never materialized.