Ft. Lauderdale News
February 22, 1970

Exile Leader Has ‘Whip-Fidel’ Plan

MIAMI UP — A newly emerged Cuban exile leader told thousands at a "unity rally" Saturday night that he has a plan to overthrow Fidel Castro.

But Jose de la Torriente, trying to mold the divided exile colony into a cooperative body, said he couldn't disclose war secrets.

"Do you want me to satisfy everybody's curiosity unveiling secret plans even if that would condemn us to live permanently in exile?" the retired industrialist asked the crowd at Miami Stadium.


Torriente, recently given a $45.000 war chest by an anti-Castro organization, pleaded for "absolute support" of his program. He asked for "a vote of confidence" in his quest for unity.

"Liberty or exile, that is the question," he said. "If you approve tonight that we begin the road of return, that there has been enough exile, I will continue working for Cuba."

Torriente continued: "I ask of all Cubans their moral, intellectual and economic support, and of all governments and men of this hemisphere. I ask help, for the cause of Cuba is the cause of the Americas."


He added, referring to the Castro regime, "Now we will defeat the enemy, already demoralized by unfulfilled promises."

Torriente predicted Castro's overthrow in 1970.

He said he and Dr. Enrique Huertas, head of the Cuban Medical Assn. in exile which donated the $45,000, will leavenext week on a Latin American tour seeking support for hisprogram.

First on their itinerary are the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.