Anti-Castro Guerrillas 

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  Millo Ochoa (2nd from left), Andres Nazario Sargen, Ramon O'Farrill, Andres
  Rivero Aguero, Carlos Prio, July 1976. 

Eulalio Jose Negrin, with shotgun, challenged Omega 7,
who killed him on Nov. 25, 1979.

Cuban U.N. attache Felix Rodriguez, killed by Omega 7 in New York City,
September 11, 1980.


Artaignan Diaz
killed in Mexico

Recorded news programs
Torch of Friendship bombing, July 26, 1975
TV coverage of Miami bombings Oct. 31, 1975 to April 13, 1976
Ramon Donestevez assassination, April 13, 1976
Vicente Dopico bombing, April 17, 1976
Atentado a la Embajada Cubana en Lisboa, Portugal, Abril 22, 1976
Emilio Milian bombing, April 30, 1976

FBI & CIA documents
FBI 302 Report on FLNC (Feb. 1, 1973)
FBI 302 Report on Abdala (March 11, 1975)
CIA Report Cubana Airliner bombing plan (June 22, 1976)
FBI 302 Report on Accion Cubana (June 22, 1976)
Ricardo Morales Navarrete statement to Raul Diaz (Nov. 5, 1976)
FBI 302 Report on CORU (Aug. 18, 1978)
FBI list of 84 anti-Castro Cuban exile activists (June 25, 1979)

Hernan Ricardo & Freddy Lugo
Hernan Ricardo confession, Oct. 26, 1976
Hernan Ricardo, timing pencil diagram
Hernan Ricardo, intelligence report
Hernan Ricardo, CORU diagram
Freddy Lugo confession, Oct. 16, 1976
Freddy Lugo confession, Oct. 19, 1976
Freddy Lugo confession, Oct. 22, 1976    

Relacion de presos politicos cubanos en el extranjero


FLNC admits Mexico blast (Miami News, March 25, 1974)
FLNC claims new blast (Miami News, March 27, 1974)
We bombed consulate in Madrid, FLNC says(Miami News, April 10, 1974)
Bombed Cuban Office in Madrid, says FLNC (Miami News, April 11, 1974)
Defector believes Cuban agents killed exile leader [Jose Elias de la Torriente] (Miami Herald, May 31, 1988)
Bombas contra el documental cubano (Replica, Oct. 8, 1974)


Sabotage a las maquinas de venta del Herald y el News (Libertad, marzo 28, 1975)
16 bombs, arsenal seized in raid on Southwest Dade home (Miami News, May 7, 1975, 1)
In Washington: Castro foes take credit for blasts (Miami News, May 12, 1975)
Dominican Consulate Bombed (Miami Herald, Oct. 7, 1975)
Police seek motive in consulate bombing
(Miami News, Oct. 7, 1975)
Bomb damages lounge at airport (Miami Herald, Oct. 18, 1975)
'Live' time-bomb is disarmed at Biscayne Blvd. airline office
(Miami News, Oct. 20, 1975)
If That Bomb Had Gone Off. . .
(Miami Herald, Oct. 21, 1975)  
Bombings zoom here (Miami News,  Aug. 21, 1975)
Convicted terrorist Lopez wants U.S. to deport him
Cuban exiles, in pay of CIA, spied in U.S. for 10 years
Cuban terrorist Lopez is called a fanatic

Jailers escort Lopez back to Miami
Lopez asks for end to bombings
Lopez gets 4 1/2 years in jail
Plot alleged in arrest of bomber
Police seek motive in consulate bombing
3 Arrested in Plot To Invade Cuba
Terrorism by Exiles Investigated
Terrorist Gets 15-year Term
Terrorist who fled country faces hearing
Violence and Humberto Lopez

Movimiento Insurreccional Martiano (MIM) and Frente de Liberation Nacional de Cuba (FLNC), Feb, 23, 1976
Cuban National Liberation Front (Miami News, Feb. 25, 1976)
Miami: Casablanca Of The Caribbean (Miami Herald, Tropic Magazine, April 4, 1976)
Did 'Pirate' Sink other boats? (Miami Herald, April 8, 1976)
Threats by U.S. Leaders Inspired Attacks on Boats, Cuba Protests (Miami Herald, April 11, 1976)
Murder in Exile (Miami Herald, April 18, 1976)
U.S. Vows Action in Attacks On Cuban Fishing Boats (Miami Herald, April 21, 1976)
Clues sought in bombing (Miami News, May 1, 1976)
FLNC: 'Hundiremon mas buques' (Miami News, May 5, 1976)
Anti-Castro group pushes 'naval war' (Miami News, May 5, 1976)
En Puerto Rico: Respaldan la "Cuarta Republica de Cuba" (Diario las Americas, mayo 13, 1976)
Lively Exile Magazine is Target for Bombers (Washington Post, May 23, 1976)
Cuban Embassy in Lisbon Ripped by Bomb; 2 Killed
Cuban Group Denies Link to Local Bombs (Miami Herald, July 14, 1976)
Cuban exiles recruited here to fight Castro force in Angola
El viaje sin retorno de Artaignan Diaz
Mexican murder suspects unlikely pair (Miami News, Aug. 16, 1976)
Miami a Hotbed for Terrorism
Terrorist Acts climb In Numbers
Two Cubans Die in Bombing of Embassy in Portugal
Two Exile Groups Say They'll Attack Latin Airlines
U.S. tells Castro boat attack not ours
4 Nations Join Cuba to Study Crash It Blames on CIA, (Washington Post, Oct. 21, 1976)
Exile's Slaying called Reprisal (Miami News, Oct. 28, 1976)
Little Havana's Reign of Terror (New Times, Oct. 29, 1976)
Politics Seen Intruding on Plane Crash Probe in Caracas, (Washington Post, Oct. 31, 1976)
Respuesta de Hector Alfonso Ruiz a Jose Pardo Llada (Antorcha Martiana, Oct. 1976)
Our Heritage - The Exile Cuban Terrorists (Washington Post, Nov. 7, 1976)
Did Chilean Agents Seek Exiles as Assassins? (Miami Herald, Nov. 9, 1976)
Bosch, 3 Others Arraigned in Bombing (Miami Herald, Nov. 9, 1976)
Jury Asks Exiles about Terrorism (Miami Herald, Nov. 13, 1976)
Anti-Castro Extremists Tolerated, If Not Encouraged, by Some Latin American Nations (New York Times, Nov. 15, 1976)
Tras Caida de Avion Cubano: Ordenan Venganza a los Macheteros (El Vocero [P.R.], abril 17, 2000)
El sabotage de Barbados (Granma Diario, Oct. 6, 2001)

Old murder, new resolve for victim's daughter [Juan Jose Peruyero], Miami Herald, Jan. 1, 2006)
Kidnap Attempt Probed (Miami Herald, Jan. 28, 1977)

Evidence Links Letelier Death to Anti-Castro Unit (Washington Post, Feb. 1, 1977)
Role of Miami Cubans Exiles In Assassination Efforts Probed (Miami Herald, Feb. 12, 1977)
Hialeah Man escapes from Mexican Jail (Miami News, March 22, 1977)
Antonio de la Cova explica su vida y las causas del terrorismo (Replica, julio 7, 1977)

Probes Plotting Here Of Terrorist Acts by Exile (Miami Herald, Aug. 3, 1977)

Declassified: What the FBI Knew, but Allowed to Fester on its Own Turf
Eigth Indicted in Letelier Slaying The Washington Post, August 2, 1978

Letelier Jury: Cubans Guilty The Hudson Dispatch (New Jersey) Feb. 15, 1979
Anti-Castro Cubans in Jersey Say Officials Ignore Terrorists' Threats (N.Y. Times, March 28, 1979)
Omega 7 Uses Bombs for a Cause (N.Y. Times, April 2, 1979)
Cuban Refugee Leader Slain in Union City (N.Y. Times, Nov. 26, 1979)
U.S. Inquiry Is Sought By Expatriate Cubans On 'Systematic Terror' (N.Y. Times, Nov. 27, 1979)
In Union City, the Memories of the Bay of Pigs Don't Die (N.Y. Times, Dec. 2, 1979)
A Flight from Newark to Cuba Shifted After Threat Is Reported (N.Y. Times, Dec. 4, 1979)
Bomb Damages Russian Mission On East 67th St.: At Least 6 Are Injured (N.Y. Times, Dec. 12, 1979)

The Miami mafia’s September 11
'Highest Priority' Given by U.S. To Capture of Anti-Castro Group (N.Y. Times, March 3, 1980)
F.B.I. Says Cuban Aide's Murder May Mark Shift by Terror Group (N.Y. Times, Sept. 13, 1980)
Venezuelans Absolve Bosch in Bombing of Plane (Miami Herald, September 27, 1980)

Fighting Castro from Exile (New York Times Magazine, Jan. 4, 1981)
Cuban is Extradited (Miami Herald, Feb. 14, 1981)
Glades Commandos Say Tactics Within Law (Miami Herald, March 28, 1981)
Jailed leader halts actions of his group (Miami Herald, Nov. 10, 1981)
Prisoner's freedom lasts only one day (Miami Herald, Oct. 29, 1981)
Omega 7: From Cuba With Blood (Gallery, Nov. 1981)

The Informant [Ricardo Morales Navarrete] Harper's, January 1982
Cuesta es un enemigo implacable de Castro, El Miami Herald, enero 17, 1982, 1
4 Held in Bid to Kill Cuba Envoy in '80 (Miami Herald, Oct. 3, 1982)
Chronology in Castillo case (Miami Herald, Dec. 18, 1982)
Exile militant in kidnap case free in Miami (Miami Herald, Dec. 18, 1982)


La guerra silente de espias y exiliados (El Miami Herald, Junio 19, 1983)
Anti-Castro Hero Freed in Mexico
Bomb damages freight firm
Caller links store bomb to Omega 7
Cuban unrest leads to militancy, anti-Castro groups say in Miami
FBI agents, police stub toes in terrorism investigations
Firm that ships goods to Cuba bombed again
Jailed exile freed to return to Miami
Police say bomb may tie to protest
3 Latin businesses hit by gunfire
Crime is luring terrorists from anti-Fidel ranks, (Miami Herald, Dec. 30, 1983)
New breed of anti-Castro militant moves to Miami (Miami Herald, Dec. 30, 1983)

Cop: Arocena said he led Omega 7
Omega Suspect gets 5-year term
Probe of Omega 7 concluded
Judge Sentences Omega 7 Leader to Life in Prison (New York Times, Nov. 10, 1984)


Explosion Hits Home in Gables Call Links Blast to Cuba Talk
FBI: accomplice of terror
Shooting deepens mystery of itinerant spy
Orlando Bosch’s terrorist curriculum vitae