Anti-Castro Guerrillas 

Bomb Explodes Near Havana Church
Communique from the Republic of Cuba's Interior Ministry
Bombing suspect in Cuba describes attacks on videotape
Catholic Church says it will intervene on behalf of Salvadorans
Concluso para sentencia juicio a terroristas guatemaltecos
Condenado a muerte pide ayuda al presidente Flores
Cuba accuses exiles of aiding Salvadoran in bombings
Cuba allows Guatemalans to serve prison term at home
Cuba bombing suspect not political, Salvadorans say
Cuba unveils ``double-agent'' to accuse U.S. group
Cuba liga a viajera de Hialeah con bombas
Cuba liga a viajera de Hialeah con bombas
Cuban government says it has enough evidence to try suspects
Cuba trial portrays 2 sides to Salvadoran:  terrorist vs. adventurer
Cuba tries second Salvadoran man for ``terrorism''
Declaran los peritos en el juicio a Cruz León
Diputados salvadoreños solicitan clemencia
Father accuses U.S. government his son's death in bombing
It's Havana that's foot-dragging on exile evidence, U.S. retorts
Man Admits to Cuba Hotel Bombings
Mexico asks Cuba to spare the lives of Salvadoran men
Plot to Oust Castro, Run on a Shoestring, Lands 5 Underpaid Amateurs in Jail
Purported spy visited Miami often as courier
Reducen condenas a tres guatemaltecos
Salvadoran admits to bombings
Salvadoran apologizes at Havana bomb trial
Salvadoran Catholic Church asks Cuba to spare bomber's life
Salvadoran leader asks Castro for clemency for convicted bombers
Salvadoran man sentenced to death in Cuba for hotel bombings
Salvadoran president to ask Castro for clemency for convicted bombers
Salvadoran sentenced to die for Cuba blasts
Salvadoran to be tried for terrorism in hotel bombing
2nd Salvadoran sentenced to die for Cuba blast
Un jesuita pide clemencia a Castro
U.S.-Cuba spy agency contacts began a decade ago
U.S. urges clampdown on Cuban exile's terrorist actions
Witness: I was a Castro spy in foundation

Alleged Anti-Castro Plot May Reveal CIA Secrets
A Miami Trial for 7 Accused in Castro Plot
Castro-challenging pilot is offered parade, honors
Castro death-plot defendant charged in drug case
Castro death-plot trial moved to Miami
Castro death plot trial set for Nov 12 in Puerto Rico
Cuban American Leader, 6 Others Indicted in Plot to Kill Castro
Cuban exiles plead innocent to Castro assassination plot
Cuban exiles' trial will not move to Miami
Defense in alleged anti-Castro plot seeks new venue
Exile group's officials facing indictment in anti-Castro plot
FBI: Cuban exiles charged in plot to kill Castro turning themselves in
Feds take hard line in Castro-plot case
Five acquitted of exile plot to kill Castro
Five Cuban exiles acquitted of plotting to kill Castro
Five Cuban Exiles Acquitted in Plot to Kill Castro
5 Exiles Cleared In Alleged Bid To Kill Castro
Foundation leaders cut short in discussion with State Department
4 suspects plead innocent in alleged anti-Castro plot
Jurors Told To Ignore Cuba's Record On Rights
Judge denies bid to drop charges against anti-Castro Cubans
Judge denies separate trials in Castro plot case
Judge dismisses firm, exile in Castro conspiracy trial
Judge urged to reconsider moving Castro plot trial
Mexico will ask Cuba for clemency for suspected bombers
Prosecutor's high-profile job targets crime, punishment
Puerto Rican authorities probe alleged Castro murder plot
Three held in plot on Castro threaten to tell CIA's secrets
3 Miamians deny trying to kill Castro
7 Indicted in Plot To Kill Castro
7 indicted in plot to kill Castro
Suspect: Arms in Boat were to Kill Castro
U.S. trial on attempt to kill Castro begins
Witnesses: Suspects in Castro assassination plot aren't violent men