The Miami News
November 12, 1975, page 5

Libertad news editor arrested

Luis Norberto Tornes, the news editor of Libertad newspaper, has been arrested by Miami police and charged with possession of a gun by a convicted felon and possession of cocaine.

Libertad was owned by Rolando Masferrer Rojas, the Cuban exile who was killed Oct. 31 by a bomb attached to his car.

The arrest was made shortly after Tornes, 51, left his job at the Little Havana Activities center at about 5:30 p.m. yesterday.

A police spokesman said he could not give more details and that the investigation was continuing. Tornes was released on $3,000 bail.

Tornes had been found guilty on a charge of possession of a silencer in 1971. The cocaine possession charge came later after further search of his trunk.

The police spokesman added the cocaine appeared to be "for personal use, not for sale."

The spokesman added Tornes, reportedly an expert on explosives, had been investigated in connection with the terrorist bombings in the Miami area.

Rafael Villaverde, director of the Little Havana Activities center, said the arrested man resigned form his $8,500-a-year Manpower job as an interviewer until he is cleared from the charges.