The Miami Herald
September 5, 1979, page 10-F

Bay of Pigs Pilot's Body Is Identified

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- (AP) -- The FBI has identified the body of a pilot killed in the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion as that of an Alabama man.

The body, frozen in a Havana morgue for 17 years, was identified by the FBI after Cuban officials sent fingerprints to Washington, a spokeswoman for the House Foreign Relations Committee said.

Janine Mann, the spokeswoman, said the body was officially identified by the FBI as that of Thomas Willard Ray of Center Point, Ala.

Ray was one of four American pilots killed in the attack on Cuba. He was shot by Cuban militiamen after his plane crash-landed near Cuban President Fidel Castro's combat headquarters, 20 miles from the invasion site.

Three other Birmingham men also died in the invasion. They were Leo Baker, Ray's copilot; Riley Shamburger, pilot of a plane that crashed into the sea, and Wade Gray, Shamburger's copilot.

A government spokesman said it probably would take several weeks to arrange for Ray's body to be returned to the United States. Members of Ray's family have said he will be buried in a family plot in a Birmingham cemetery.