Los Angeles Times
27 April 1975

Cuba Veterans, Irked at Stand by Sen. Kennedy, Want Flag Back.
Miami (UPI)----The Bay of Pigs Veterans Assn., miffed at Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-
Mass.) for urging that the United States lift its trade embargo against Cuba, said Saturday it
would sue to get back a flag presented to President John F. Kennedy.
 The flag was taken into combat by Cuban exiles who participated in the abortive Bay
of Pigs invasion in 1961.  It was turned over to the late President during an Orange Bowl
ceremony Dec. 28, 1962.
 At the time, President Kennedy told the exiles the flag would again fly over a free
Cuba.  After his assassination, the flag was turned over to the Kennedy Library, which
recently received a demand that it be returned.
“We feel that President Kennedy’s promise cannot or will not be kept,” said Juan Perez-
Franco, president of the association’s 2506 Brigade, who authorized the suit.  “Perhaps if the
President of the United States cannot return our flag in a free Havana, then we will have to
take it to Cuba ourselves.”