The Associated Press
March 16, 2001

Bay of Pigs Conference in Cuba


              WASHINGTON (AP) -- Top Kennedy administration officials and members of the
              Bay of Pigs invasion force will attend a conference in Cuba next week on the 40th
              anniversary of the historic three-day battle.

              The event is co-sponsored by the University of Havana and several Cuban
              government agencies, along with the National Security Archive, a George
              Washington University affiliate that specializes in declassifying foreign policy

              An Archive communique said aides in the Kennedy White House, former CIA
              covert operations officials and veterans of the 2506 Brigade force will participate in
              the March 22-24 conference.

              Also participating will be Cuban officers who fought the invaders.

              Peter Kornbluh, who heads the Archive's Cuba documentation project, predicted
              the conference will ``substantively advance the historical record'' of the events of
              that period.

              He said the conference will have access to newly declassified U.S. government
              records and documents from European and Latin American nations. Cuban
              documents also will be released.

              In April 1961, an invading force of Cuban exiles, trained and financed by the CIA,
              was routed by forces loyal to Fidel Castro.