New York Times
April 19, 1961.  p. 12.

Batista Watches Cuba
But He Declines Comment Until Picture is Clearer

        LISBON, Portugal, April 18 (AP)--Former Cuban President Fulgencio Batista said today that he was following the Cuban uprising with keen interest, but would not comment until the situation was clearer.
        The Batista Government collapsed Jan. 1, 1959, under the attacks of Fidel Castro's forces. Senor Batista has been living in exile on the Island of Madeira. He is in Lisbon on a visit and spends his time in his hotel suite listening to a battery of radios that bring in Cuban and American shortwave stations. His secretaries take notes on the various broadcasts. One of them issued this statement:
        "General Batista will have nothing to say for the time being. But maybe tonight after 8 o'clock he will see the situation more clearly and then wish to let the press know his opinion on the present Cuban situation."