The Cuban Revolution
Armored train surrender in Santa Clara
(Dec. 30, 1958)

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     The armored train, a combination of two locomotives and seventeen freight and passenger cars, containing 373 soldiers and $4M worth of munitions and provisions for two months, departed Havana on December 23, 1958. It arrived in Santa Clara the next day and halted at El Capiro Hill. The commander of the unit, Colonel Florentino Rosell Leyva, chief of the Engineer Corps, deserted to Miami on Dec. 26th. The train was derailed on Dec. 30th, after Che Guevara's men removed 30 feet of rails. When the officers asked for a  truce the soldiers began fraternizing with the rebels. At 7 PM, the train and its soldiers surrendered to the rebels. (Ramon M. Barquin, Las Luchas guerrilleras en Cuba, Vol. II, pp. 860-862).