December 3, 1999
Argentine tango legend Cadicamo dies at 99

                  BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Reuters) -- Renowned Argentine tango composer
                  Enrique Cadicamo, who wrote hundreds of tunes immortalized by Carlos Gardel, the
                  tango superstar of the 1920s and '30s, died Friday at age 99.

                  In recent months Cadicamo had been in and out of a Buenos Aires hospital
                  suffering from severe heart problems, his doctor said. The doctor did not give
                  the actual cause of death.

                  Born July 15, 1900, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Cadicamo was the
                  youngest of 10 brothers. He grew up on books by adventure and classical
                  writers Jules Verne, Victor Hugo, Gabriel Dannunzio and Virgil. This
                  inspired his often mournful, epic songs that told of loves, losses and

                  Argentine television played a line from one of his songs to mark his death:
                  "Life has changed me and in my head I try to forget. But I was a traveler of
                  pain, a traveler of dreams, I understood my bad luck, every kiss I wiped
                  away with a drink."

                  Cadicamo gained international fame thanks to Gardel, who became a close
                  friend after Cadicamo taught him his first tango, "Soap Bubbles."

                  Gardel, the most famous name in the history of tango, was killed in an air
                  crash in June 1935 near Medellin, Colombia. Cadicamo songs sung by
                  Gardel are still heard throughout Buenos Aires.

                  Touched up photos of Gardel -- with his fedora, immaculate white scarf and
                  enigmatic grin -- today dot many of the city's bars and cafes.

                  Cadicamo wrote some 3,000 pieces of music and will be remembered for
                  songs like "My Parents' Little House," "Nostalgias" and "The Light of a

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