Argentina Politics

Argentine Presidential Messages
Juan Domingo Peron Presidential Messages

Argentina clarifies stance on Cuba
Britain, Argentina to discuss arms embargo end

Argentina moves to take over chaotic province
Argentine Congress spurns accused 'Dirty War' ex-general
Argentines Turn Against Peronists
Charles, in Argentina, plays polo with Anglos
Economist Is Struggling for Votes in Argentina
Prominent Argentine editor killed

Latin Nations Pay Price of Reform
Spreading Bribery Scandal Shakes Argentina's Senate


  Carlos Menem and Fernando de la Rua

A Bare Budget Provokes Another Strike in Argentina
Argentina's Interim Chief Resigns as Support Vanishes
Argentine acts on reforms, pay caps, new jobs
Argentine Cabinet Offers to Quit as Death Toll in Riots Rises to 16
Argentine minister quits over program funding
Besieged interim Argentine president resigns
Debate in Argentina stalls appointment of new leader
Elections Result in Power Shift in Argentina's Senate
Oposición peronista garantiza la gobernabilidad
Peronists gain in voting
Unity Eludes Argentina's Governing Party
Voter Frustration Looms Over Argentine Elections

Argentina Drifts, Leaderless, as Economic Collapse Looms
Argentina Seeks to Cut Patronage From Diet
Argentina Tries Again to Fill Presidential Void
Argentina's clash of democracy and free market
Argentina's Crisis Fuels a Bitter Political Feud
Argentina's Crisis: It's Not Just Money
Argentina's Fallen Economic Czar Is Held in Arms Deal
Argentine president calls September 2003 elections
Argentine Urges Political Reform
In Bitter Race in Argentina, Peronists Trip Each Other
In Footsteps of Evita: Argentina's New First Lady
Mental Test for Argentine Politicians
Some in Argentina See Secession as the Answer to Economic Peril
Troubled Nation (Online Newshour, Jan. 2)


        Nestor Kirchner

Argentina, Turning the Corner, Leans to Its Left
Argentine Contender Dogged by Questions
A Muddled Electoral Field for Weary Argentines
Disappointed Argentines sitting out political contest
Ex-Argentine leader's campaign in turmoil
May runoff to decide Argentina's presidency
Polls show Argentine governor trouncing Menem
Senate bagman tells of delivering $5 million in bribe
Police Reforms in Argentina Are Facing Stiff Resistance
Nudged by president, Argentine judge quits
U.S.-Argentina relations may be key election issue
Voter Apathy Marks Run-Up to Argentine Elections