Pre-historic Caribbean Pottery

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Saladoid Zone-Incised-Crosshatched (ZIC)
 Saladoid Zone-Incised-Crosshatched (ZIC)

Saladoid vessel, St. Vincent
Saladoid White-on-Red (WOR)

Huecan Saladoid ceramics
Cedrosan Saladoid ceramic


Huecoid ornitomorphic pendants in green jadite and amber serpentine from the site of La Hueca, Vieques


Huecan phase bowl with "dog adorno" handles
Casimiroid stone bead, Turtle Cove,
Turks and Caicos

Meillacan parallel line incision and zoomorphic head with
round eyes, Chalk Sound site, Turks and Caicos
Meillacan punctate, Chalk Sound site, Turks and Caicos