The American Revolution

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George Washington and his servant Billy Lee



The "rape" of Boston in 1774 by the Intolerable Acts


Sons of Liberty paying the Tax-man, 
or Tarring and Feathering (1774)


Lord Dunmore, Virginia governor 1770-75

The Declaration of Independence (NARA)
Understanding the Declaration of Independence - 9 Key Concepts (Video)

Maps of the American Revolution

Boston Tea Party (December 17, 1773)

Battles of Lexington and Concord (April 19, 1775)

Bunker Hill (June 17, 1775)

Battle of King's Mountain, S.C. (October 7, 1780)

Battle of Cowpens (Jan. 17, 1781)

Siege of Yorktown (October 1781)

Adams, John
Adams, Samuel
Franklin, Benjamin
Hamilton, Alexander
Jefferson, Thomas
Paine, Thomas
Revere, Paul

Draper, Lyman C. King's Mountain and its Heroes (1881)
Paine, Thomas. The Crisis

The American Revolutionary war (1)
The American Revolutionary war (2)
How Britain Lost America
American Revolution
A British documentary on George Washington
The Real George Washington
Glenn Beck and David Barton take Time Magazine to task on their trashing of George Washington