Captain Alberto 
(Nov. 10, 1878-Nov. 25, 1959)

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My maternal grandfather, Captain Alberto
González-Abreu y Sánchez (1879-1959).  Dauntless expedition, Aug. 16, 1896.
4th Corps of Las Villas, 
Liberation Army. Cuban Consul in St. Louis, Missouri, 1924- 1929.

    Fourth Corps of Las Villas. Cuban Liberation Army. Staff of General Francisco Carrillo (1). My
    maternal grandfather, Capt. Alberto González-Abreu y Sánchez (14). In front of him, my father's
    uncle, César Romero (12), whose son was the Hollywood movie actor with the same name.

  General Francisco Carrillo and his personal staff.
  Capt. Alberto González-Abreu y Sánchez, stands in the center behind Carrillo.

The Cuban Consul, 122 N. 7 Street, St. Louis, Missouri
Driving a 1923 Moon touring automobile made in St. Louis

Cuban Consul Alberto González-Abreu with Charles Lindbergh.
  "Col. Lindbergh standing beside his airplane, in St. Louis, after having completed a 300-mile flight, mostly in rain, from Havana, Cuba, the last port of call on a two-months' trip to Latin-American nations." The St. Louis Post- Dispatch, Feb. 26, 1928.

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The CUBAN CONSUL Here Played a Hero's Role in His Country's Fight for Freedom
Death Calls Cuban Patriot Who Was St. Louis Consul
Jubilado como funcionario del Ministerio de Estado (1929)
Pensionado como Alferez del Ejercitor Libertador (1938)
The Dauntless Filibuster Expeditions
Alberto Gonzalez-Abreu passport 1932
Finca rustica potrero Manacal (Julio 23, 1938)
Elsie Kerchal, naturalized Cuban citizen, April 22, 1947
Carta de Alberto a Leopoldo G. Abreu, marzo 5, 1956
Carta de Alberto a Leopoldo G. Abreu, julio 25, 1956

Agustin Abreu, arrived in Philadelphia from Cienfuegos, May 22, 1848
Brother-in-law Walter Ball
Familia Gonzalez-Abreu
Familia Sanchez y Santa Cruz
Epitafio familia Sanchez-Santa Cruz
Alberto Piñal y Gil de Montes
Rafael Gonzalez-Abreu 


Accussed of Stealing a Monkey, Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug. 19, 1901, 5
Rosalia Gonzalez-Abreu passport 1911
Rosalia Gonzalez-Abreu passport 1913
Una dama cubana lega, al morirse, varios millones para sus monos
Mme. Abreau, Cuban Woman, Praised as First Scientist Ever to Breed and Raise Chimpanzee in Captivity, San Diego Union, Nov. 5, 1930, 7
Kissing Cousins, New York Times, Dec. 12, 2005
Jean Sanchez Abreu, Harvard Class of 1914